WetμFluid consists of four work packages (WPs) designed to be performed within a period of 36 months:

-Work Package 1 (36 months) concerns the Management and Monitoring of the project and is designed to ensure the smooth running of all project activities.

-Work Package 2 (36 months) concerns the Information and Publicity actions which are planned in order to disseminate the project’s objectives, results and ensure exploitation of results, future collaborations and extension to other applications.

-Work Package 3 (30 months) includes two tasks of visualization salt precipitation experiments in microchannels. These experiments are expected to provide information concerning the effect of contact angle of solutions with the pore surfaces in the absence and in the presence of other substances. The presence of organic water-2 immiscible phase and the existence of fluid-fluid interfaces, the presence of organic water-miscible phase as well as the presence of surfactants and combination of the aforementioned parameters shall be thoroughly investigated.

Work Package 4 (36 months) consists of two tasks and is designed to obtain a quantitative approach of the phenomena taking place during salt precipitation in packed beds of homogeneous wettability and of mixed wettability in the presence of organic phases  and of surfactants at various initial oil bed saturation values and at residual oil saturation to waterflooding done on Soi=1.0.