The project is hosted at FORT/ICE-HT in cooperation with two laboratories in Department of Chemical Engineering of University of Patras: Lab. of Transport Phenomena and Physicochemical Hydrodynamics and Lab. of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry.

PI of the project is Dr. V. Sygouni and is consulted by Profs C.A. Paraskeva and P. G. Koutsoukos.

One Ph.D. and pre-graduate students focus their theses on the experimental work of WPs 3 and 4. Dr. D. Kanellopoulou will provide her assistance concerning chemical and instrumental analyses.

Dr. E. Skouras with one Ph.D. student perform theoretical simulations at the Laboratory of Computational Science for Materials and Processes FORTH/ICE-HT.

Dr. S. Youssef and Dr. O. Vizika-Kavvadias provide the ex-micro CT-Scanning of beds and the analyses of the corresponding results.

Team Members